Why I hope things go wrong (just a little bit)

Do you ever hope things go just a little bit wrong sometimes? I think our desire for an easy time, the perfect ceremony, good weather, etc. mean we miss out on something far more important.

When I look back at those events that stick in my memory, those that helped shaped me, or those for which I hold the greatest affection, it’s when things didn’t go quite as planned:

  • That time when I was unexpectedly homeless… and found a cascade of lifelong friends as a result. 
  • That time when I didn’t pass the exams I needed… and the subsequent self-examination  led me down a path more conguent with my natural inclinations.
  • That time when the whole family was stuck in the tunnel on the way to Logan airport, for over two hours… and we still talk about the “Boston Bladder Dash (with no battery left for GPS)” when we all gather for high days and holidays.

And so as we head into 2018, I hope things go just wrong enough for you. 

  • At new year, I hope you miss your party… and meet an amazing stranger.
  • If you’re getting married… I hope a very drunk great uncle Hugo falls into your cake so that you have laughs for life. 
  • If you set yourself yet another stretch goal, I hope your efforts end in glorious failure…  in such a way that you’re reminded doing things simply because you love doing them is also a worthwhile use of one’s time. 

May all our 2018s be perfectly imperfect.


It’s the gremlins and dolphins

At this time of year our thoughts often turn to new year’s resolutions and improving our health.  I’ve been reading up on exercise and weight loss on the interweb and there is more going on than you might think. 

Did you know, for example, that your body releases gremlins, and research suggests gremlins are one of the things that make us want to eat. We can stop gremlins by eating grains and protein. (Apparently it also helps if we get out in the sunshine and avoid eating after midnight. ) Best of all to keep the little critters at bay is if we get a good night’s sleep; the interweb proves all of this. 

Did you also know that when you exercise, your body releases dolphins into your bloodstream. Dolphins make you happy, and that’s why many who exercise have a smile on their face when they exercise because we like dolphins and because dolphins are always smiling. (To free the most dolphins try feeling a sense of exertion, but no need to get annihilated; a sustained brisk walk is better than a recumbent bike with reading material.)

So there you go: eat properly and not too close to sleep, get enough sleep and exercise frequently, preferably outdoors. Stop the gremlins and free the dolphins!

I create, therefore I am

I’ve always been contrary. At school I was told I was no good at chemistry; it ended up being my strongest subject… and I wish my other teachers had been so  doubting. 

Armed with this super power of just being an awkward sod, and inspired by the leaders of our world – who find it easier to dismantle than to build – I’ve decided that every day I’m going to create. 

I’m going to create something positive, every day. It might be something small, like an origami crane, something intangible, like a smile in a friend’s heart, something grand, like a piece of music (as my cack-handed guitar playing and less than dulcet singing voice breathe new death into great works of art).

Every day I’ll begin with the question, “what shall I create?” Every day I shall end by asking what I created. Today it’s this blog post; it’s not much, but it’s a step. Tomorrow, who knows?